Last Act of Defiance

There is a belief among some investors that “the timeline, order of operations, and mechanisms of going public need to change” which is why Direct Listings are needed. You see the rules for IPOs were established about a century ago and have not kept pace with many of the trends and changes in today’s capital markets. (Bullshittake!!!). Ice cream has been made the same way for centuries.

Poop, Poverty and American Priorities

I am the proud parent of two teachers, both of whom have Masters degrees relevant to their chosen profession. So, you can imagine my shock when I recently read that the average salary for a worker on the San Francisco “Poop Patrol” is $71,760.00. When combined with benefits a member of this squad can make $184,000.00 per year in salary and benefits! Neither of my children make anywhere close to this amount of money annually.