I Love History


Every year on April 19th the Sudbury militia marches from Sudbury Center to the Old North Bridge in Concord in commemoration of the first shots fired in the American Revolution. Below is a description of what happened on that fateful day in 1775.

“On April 19th, 1775, a messenger reached Sudbury between 3 and 4am bringing news that British Regulars had left Boston the evening before and were headed westward, presumably to Concord where military supplies were garrisoned. Each Sudbury contingent heeded the call and took the most expedient route to what is now called Battle Road. The present day Sudbury Companies of Militia and Minute follow a route that approximates one of the routes.

While on route, they honor those who lay in rest at several cemeteries with prayer and a musket salute. The stop at the Sudbury/Concord Town Line, which also happens to be at the end of my driveway and fire a final salute before marching to the Old North Bridge.

I love this day. I wake to the distant sound of musket fire, drums and flutes. I grab my coffee and walk to the end of the driveway to await the arrival of the militia. It is an annual reminder of those who have served and continue to serve the Republic. Happy Patriot’s Day!